Aurora is an alligator who likes to make friends and play games.  His best friend is named Gund.  Gund is a dog who also likes to play games and make friends, and he also likes to make crafts, color, and teach people lessons.


Their favorite thing to do is to play games together and go to places of imagination.  They also put on puppet shows.  There are two types.  The name of the first one is “Aurora and Gund’s Learning Center.”  The other is “Aurora and Gund’s Memories.”  The  Learning Center teaches you all kinds of stuff like you do in school.  The Memories are stories that you can laugh and enjoy the beauty of imagination, and it also teaches you lessons.  There are some puppet shows of their Memories that you can see, and some you can’t see.  The shows you can’t see are icky memories, and I don’t want to show those.  I only want to show the good ones.

Some of the Lessons are like, “Aurora’s Wishes,” or “Aurora’s Health Care.”  We will be posting these stories later, so you’ll have to wait.  It’s not always Aurora who teaches Gund a lesson.  They both learn lessons, because even lesson teachers have things to learn.