meetauroraandgundThis is a story written by me and my mommy.  It is a part of Aurora and Gund’s Memories that I told you about in my blog post, Meet Aurora and Gund.  I hope you enjoy the story.  This is not the whole story.  It’s only the first part of the story.


CHAPTER 1–The Birth of the Flaming Sword

In 1804 there was a burning ground made from a war.  The fire was started by Gund’s great-great-grandfather, John.  John started the fire to kill the bad guys.  John was from the country of Dogland.

The bad guys were from Repexco, and they were trying to steal the Doglanders stuff and kill them.  So, John lit a match and threw it on the ground to keep the Repexcoians away.  It worked.  The Repexcoians ran away from the fire.  They were afraid of the fire because this was a powerful fire.

As soon as the Repexcoians ran away, John and the Doglander army put out the fire, and as the fire died down it formed a flaming sword.  John picked up the flaming sword and gave it to his son, his son gave it to his grandson, his grandson gave it to his great-grandson, his great-grandson gave it to his great-great-grandson, and John’s great-great-grandson is Gund!

CHAPTER 2–Aurora’s New Gift

Aurora is one of Gund’s best friends.  They met when Aurora was crawling around on the beach in Florida.  Aurora was worn out, and then he saw a puppy with light brown fur whose ears and nose were dark brown.  The puppy was walking around the beach, and when the puppy saw Aurora he was scared because he thought Aurora was a monster.  So, the puppy ran away.

Aurora felt confused.  He didn’t know where the puppy went.  The next day the puppy saw Aurora’s friendly face, and he went over to Aurora and said, “Hello!  My name is Gund.”

“Nice to meet you, Gund.  My name is Aurora,” he said.

Gund said to Aurora, “Nice to meet you Aurora.  Would you like to see something?”

Aurora asked, “What is it?”

Gund said, “My flaming sword, and it’s for you.”

“Why do you want to give it to me?” Aurora asked.

Gund said, “Because I don’t know what to do with it.  You look smart.  I bet you know what to do with it.”

Aurora was very happy and excited, and he said, “Thank you so much.  Where did you get it?”

“I got it from my father.”

“Where is he?  Didn’t he tell you what to do with the flaming sword?”  Aurora asked.

Gund said, “I’m afraid he forgot, and sadly, my father passed away.”

Aurora said, “That is very sad.  The sword must be very special.  I don’t think it’s right for you to give it to me.  You don’t know me very well.”

Gund answered, “I can tell that we will be very good friends, and I really want you to have the flaming sword.  Maybe you can find out what to do with it and then you can teach me.  How does that sound?”

Aurora noticed something.  “Hey!  There’s a label on the sword.  Let’s read it.”

Gund said, “I never noticed that before.  Yes, let’s read it.”  The label said:

This sword has the power to grant four wishes to each person only one time in their life, and you are to share one wish with someone.

Aurora and Gund became best friends.  They said goodbye to each other and went home.

(To Be Continued…)