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Aurora’s First Wish

It was a strong rainy day, too wet to play outside.  It was thundering all over the beach.  Aurora didn’t know what to do.  Then he remembered the flaming sword.  He wished that it would stop raining.

“Hey, Aurora!” Gund said, just as Aurora was going to start his wish, “Can I have a turn with the flaming sword?”

Aurora thought about it, and he told Gund a lie, “Well, Gund, maybe next time you can have a turn with the flaming sword.”

Gund asked, “Are you sure?”

Aurora said, “I’m positively sure.  Now get out of here before my face gets hot!!”  Aurora slammed the door at Gund and then he made his first wish.  “I wish that it would stop raining,” Aurora said to the flaming sword.

Gund was walking home, startled by the slammed door, he was happy to see that the rain stopped.

Back at Aurora’s house, Aurora was happy that it was true that the sword really does grant wishes.

Hide and Seek

On one warm summer evening, Gund thought that Aurora could play a game with him.  Gund thought they could play hide and seek.  So Gund went to Aurora’s house and asked him if he’d like to play hide and seek.  Aurora said, “Sure.  Where should we play?”

“I think we should play here,” Gund answered.

They started the game.  Gund counted to 20, but when he got to 4 he heard Aurora start his second wish.  Gund asked Aurora, “Can I have a turn with the flaming sword?  I thought you said that this time is the next time.”

“It was a joke!”  Aurora said, “Let’s keep playing.”

Gund started over but was really upset that Aurora broke his promise.  When Gund got to 20, he shouted, “Ready or not, here I come!”

Gund was still a little bit sad that Aurora wouldn’t give him a turn with the flaming sword this time.  Aurora’s wish was that he would find the perfect hiding spot.  Gund still found Aurora, and then Gund asked, “Can I have a turn with the flaming sword now?”

Aurora said, “I’m going on a vacation tomorrow.  Would you like to come?”

“Where are you going?” Gund asked.

“I’m going on an Alaskan cruise.” Aurora told him.

“Sounds like fun,” Gund said.

“I have to warn you,” Aurora said, “that it’s really cold in Alaska.  We have to bring coats and stuff to keep us warm, and I’ll bring the flaming sword so you can have a turn while we’re on vacation.”

Gund said, “That would be a great thing.  Be sure that you’re telling the truth.  I have another question, how long are we staying?”

“I think about ten days.”

So Gund and Aurora started packing for tomorrow’s trip.