The Flight to the Ship

Gund and Aurora got ready by packing the things they needed for their Alaskan cruise.  Gund was getting tired, but as soon as he walked out of the room, he remembered that he needed to bring a coat.  Aurora remembered the flaming sword so that Gund would have a turn to make a wish.  He realized that he really did trick Gund before.

When Aurora and Gund met together at the airport, they got their suitcases on the conveyor belt to take them to the bottom of the plane.  Gund and Aurora went to a restaurant to get something to eat, and then they went to the boarding gate which was C15.  As soon as they got on the plane, the plane took off and flew all the way to Canada, and the next plane flew all the way to Alaska.

Aurora and Gund got on board the boat, and when the boat sailed away, they went to their cabin and unpacked their stuff.  They talked to each other about what they brought and they enjoyed themselves.  They had quite a discussion about who would get the top bunk and who would sleep on the bottom.  They decided to take turns sleeping on the top bunk each night.


Fun on the Alaskan Cruise

On the third day of the Alaskan cruise, Aurora and Gund tried to relax and think about what they should do.  They looked at some videos on Gund’s iPad, and they knew what they wanted to do–EVERYTHING they saw.  They went to see some bald eagles, and then they got to run on a spinning log, and then they rode on a dog sled.  Then they got back on the boat.  They played some games and then saw a show in the theater.  Aurora ate some pizza and fish, and Gund ate a hamburger and pizza with Aurora.  They had lemonade to drink.  They were having a lot of fun together.

The Reminder of the Flaming Sword

The next day on the Alaskan cruise, Aurora and Gund got up and got ready for the day on their vacation.  Gund suddenly remembered that Aurora brought the flaming sword along, and he thought they could use it for the day.

After breakfast, Aurora and Gund talked about what they should do for the day.  10 minutes after they started, Gund reminded Aurora about the flaming sword.  Aurora asked, “What about it?”

“Well, Aurora,” said Gund, “maybe if it’s okay, could I have a turn with the flaming sword, please?”

Aurora thought about it a moment if Gund said, “pretty please,” and “pretty pretty please,” and “pretty pretty pretty please please please.”  Aurora thought about it and knew that he tricked Gund for the second time.  Aurora told Gund his answer, “Well, Gund, you see I tricked you again, so I will get another turn, and you will never get a turn.”

Gund got really sad and cried a lot and asked Aurora why he could never have a turn with the flaming sword.

Aurora told Gund, “Because I’ve had enough of you asking me for a turn with the flaming sword, and in the meantime, you and I will never be friends again.  You will be poor, and I will be rich,” Aurora said very meanly.

Gund cried and ran away from the cabin all the way to a place where he could be alone, and Aurora wished for the third time that Gund would be poor and he would be rich and that they would never be friends again.

Author’s (Aaron’s) Note:  If you’re a little bit worried, people, things will turn out alright.  But I want you to be aware that the scary part is almost here, but it’s going to teach Aurora the lesson.  But it’s not that scary.