The Big Loud Giant Voice

When the day passed, Aurora was very happy that he said to the sword that Gund will be poor and he will be rich.  But then, when he started getting his pajamas on, he heard a big Voice calling to him, “AURORA! COME TO ME AURORA!”

Aurora was very scared and was shaking a lot.  Aurora tip-toed closer to the Voice and the Voice got louder and Louder and LOUDER and LOUDER.  Aurora saw nothing.  He just heard the Voice .  He shivered and told the Voice , “Stop scaring me!”

The Voice said, “Sorry,” and then it told Aurora how he’s been treating Gund.  “Aurora, I don’t mean to bother you, but I talked to Gund about how you never let him have a turn with the flaming sword and how you kicked him away from you.”

“But this is just a big misunderstanding, Voice.  I was just getting tired of Gund asking me for turns with the flaming sword.”

“Wasn’t it because he didn’t say ‘please’ enough?” asked the Voice.

“No,” said Aurora, “I just didn’t like the way his voice sounded when he asked.”

The Voice said, “The sound of the voice doesn’t matter, even if you don’t like it, you need to be proud of Gund because he is your friend and he wanted you to have the sword.  And Aurora, tonight you will be visited in your dreams by three animal spirits, and you need to listen to them, and you need to do what they ask you to do, or you will have the heaviest chains on you forever.  Farewell, Aurora.”

The First of the Three Spirits

Aurora climbed into bed, and when the clock struck 1 AM, the first animal spirit, a giraffe, came to Aurora and tapped his stick on the table to wake Aurora up.  Then Aurora woke up wondering what it was.  “Who are you?”

“Why do you ask, Aurora?  You know me.  I’m your cousin.”ardien

Aurora looked at him and said to the giraffe, “Ardien?  You are my cousin!  I’ve known you since way before I knew Gund.  I haven’t seen you in two years.”

“Haven’t you shared with Gund?”

Aurora asked, “What is sharing?”

“I will show you what sharing is all about,” Ardien answered, “I’ll take you to your past.”

Aurora said, “I can’t go out there, I might drown.”

“We’re going out the window,” said Ardien.

“I can’t go out the window!  I will fall and drown and get really freezing,” Aurora said.

“You won’t fall.  You’ll be able to fall all the way to your past.”

Ardien took Aurora to his past to show him how he met Gund on the beach in Florida.  “Wait!” Aurora said, “It’s just me all alone.  It’s just a picture.”

Ardien said, “Remember what happened in Florida?  Remember how you met Gund?”

Aurora remembered how Gund thought he was a monster and how Gund gave Aurora the flaming sword.  He remembered how they read the label together and Aurora remembered his first big argument with Gund on a strong rainy day.  It was way too wet to play.  He remembered how Gund asked him for a turn with the flaming sword, and he kicked Gund out of the house and slammed the door very hard.

“Do you think that was nice?” asked Ardien.

“No, it wasn’t nice.  I want to cheer Gund up.”

Ardien said, “Remember Aurora, you are the one who made Gund very sad and scared.

Aurora’s Next Spirit

johnWhen Ardien disappeared, Aurora’s next spirit began to appear.  Aurora knew it was Gund’s great-great-grandfather, John!  At about 2:15 AM, John began to tell Aurora what he’s going to do to Aurora.  “Aurora, I am coming up with a punishment for you.  I am going to kill you with some spray that makes you dead.”  And there was a machine that sprayed the spray, and Aurora was really panicking a lot because he didn’t want to die.

When the spray hit Aurora’s face, he began to become dead.

Aaron’s Note:  Remember…this is just a dream.  This is not really happening to Aurora.  All the spirits are just a dream!

In the next part, we’ll meet the third animal spirit…