I want to talk about this so you can know how I am special.  I’ve been thinking about doing this for about a day or two.  This is important to talk about because it might teach people how to do something good. What I think is that people are special when they know what they’re good at.  I’m good at three things that are special.

#1–Remembering the time.  I remember what time you need to be able to show up for meetings, church services, or classes.  Dear parents, don’t forget to tell your kids about the time thing, so they can remember what time they have to go to school.  It’s important so you don’t be late.  This makes me special because I can remind people when they think things are at a different time.  I’ll explain.

This is a true story about me telling the time.  When I was on a vacation at kids church camp, we were in the play room.  I was asking Mr. Jon what time it was.  Mr. Jon said it was 8:57 AM, and it was three minutes to nine, and that was the time when morning service started.  Mr. Jon thought it started at 9:45 AM.  But I was right.  Mr. Jon looked at the schedule and he knew it started at 9:00 AM.  So we hurried to the church, and we were almost late, but we were there when it was less than a minute to the service beginning.  It made me feel good.

#2–I’m good at finding things that other people need help with finding.  This is a story of when this morning Mommy asked me for help with finding a missing puzzle piece with a straight edge.  She looked for it herself three times over the past two days but couldn’t find it.  Then I helped her, and in a few seconds I found it!  Mommy was surprised that I could find it so quickly, because she was looking where I found it but couldn’t see it.  But I could see it!

#3–I’m good at eating healthy.  Eating healthy is really important.  Eating healthy helps your body grow stronger.  It’s also good for your brain.  Especially, when they’re autistic brains, or other kinds of brains that are not healthy [due to neurological developmental issues].  

Aaron’s Question:

Now, I have a question for YOU.  What are the things that you are good at and make YOU special?  I would like to know.  Please leave a comment.