Aaron's Awareness

Things I like to be aware of.

Hi, my name is Aaron — October 6, 2016

Hi, my name is Aaron

Today I’m going to tell you what I do.

  1. Watching TV.  I like to watch all kinds of things like Garfield and King Julian on Netflix.  It’s a fun way to enjoy myself while I rest.  I’m resting today because I’m not feeling well today.  I have a sore throat, sniffles, and coughing.
  2. Eating Healthy.  Healthy food is so divine.  I like to eat meat and vegetables and rice, and soup.  I like to eat gluten-free pizza.  I like pepperoni pizza, but my pepperoni pizza is different from most people’s, because my pepperoni is really tomatoes.  I also like to eat a complicated sandwich.  It’s complicated because the turkey is the bread, and I like to put lettuce, cheese, and tomatoes inside the rolled-up turkey.
  3. Therapy.  Therapy is really healthy for my body and it helps me get out of autism.  I do crawling, creeping, smells, reflex bags.  It doesn’t matter how good I am, it just matters that I get it done and finish with a smile.
    1. For crawling, I lay-down on my stomach and pull with my arms and push with my legs.  I crawl like this for about half an hour.
    2. For creeping, I go on my hands and knees like a little baby.  I do this for one hour.  It can get boring, so I listen to audio books and build block buildings in-between laps.  When I’m done Daddy takes pictures of me.
    3. My favorite therapy is going in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber.  It’s like being in a cave, and I can listen to music or watch movies on an iPad.  You need to pop your ears while the chamber inflates, and the pressure goes away.  I do this for an hour.
    4. For reflex bags, I breath into a bag for 60 seconds at a time (to stimulate his deep breathing reflex).
    5. For smells, I smell different things and have to guess what they are.
  4. Running.  I like to run with adults in running class.  I also like to run with kids too.  I like to run because it’s healthy for my body.  My longest distance of running is 3.28 miles.  Running is also part of therapy too.   Mostly I run with Mommy.  While the weather is good we do 5K races together.
  5. Rock Climbing.  I climb at a climbing gym called Roca.  I climb all the way to the top.

Thank you for reading Aaron’s Awareness.  Come back soon, anytime you’d like.